Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Scout's Law - Chapter 5

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Somehow, David and Callan survived the crash of their airship.

Callan and I huddled into our bare shelter from the slashing wind, hiding our faces against each other’s chests. The gale shrieked so loudly talking was all but impossible. And then, it was gone, leaving behind an eerie quiet.

After a few seconds, I dared to look up. Dust slowly settled all around us, but that was all. “Let me take a quick look around, Callan. Stay down just in case the storm resumes.”

“Stay close in case it does.”

“You know me, dear—I never take chances.”

Callan’s snort turned into a cough as she cleared dust and sand from her lungs. Once I was certain Callan wasn’t choking, I stood cautiously and stepped out of the small shelter afforded by the rocks. Light from the planetary ring lit the sky and shone down upon us, turning each dust mote into a tiny diamond sparkling in the air. Under other circumstances, I’d have found it beautiful.

“It’s safe to get up,” I said to Callan.

I brought my gaze back to the desert around us, searching for signs of other survivors. Burning timber lay scattered along the path our tumbling airship had taken. A much larger fire burned far off to my right. I felt certain that fire was the wreck of the Vanguard.

Callan put an arm around me. “What happened? I’ve never seen anything like that sudden wind nor heard tales of such.”

Slipping my own arm around my wife, I said, “That’s because it wasn’t a natural storm.”

Callan stiffened. “We don’t have any weather control devices on Aashla. Our treaty with the Federation forbids them.”

“We didn’t have them—until two researchers killed the rest of their team and ran off with all sorts of high-tech equipment. I saw a small control sphere on the mountain just before I ordered the ship to land.”

“Aren’t satellites used to control the weather on Federation planets?”

“Yes, but you can also find smaller devices like the sphere. They’re usually reserved for farm lands and other places with special weather requirements.” My gaze returned to the distant fire. “And now they’ve been used to crash airships.”

“But why?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going to put a stop to it—and God help anyone who gets in my way!”

Can David and Callan find out what is going on? Find out more in Chapter 6, coming Friday!