Friday, May 16, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 96

Scout's Honorthe first book in the Scout series, is now available as an ebook from Amazon for the low price of $1.99!  Click the title to buy it.

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Callan, Megan, and Harris have been forced into an airlock.  Charging to the rescue, our heroes can only watch in horror as a pirate presses the button to open the airlock to space!

Through the small window in the sliding airlock door, Callan caught sight of me racing down the corridor.  For a second, hope flared in her lovely face.  But as Harris lunged toward the closing door, she realized there was no way I could reach her in time.  Hope gave way to despair before my view of her was blocked by pirates crowding around the window to watch the three meet their doom.

I felt as if my heart had burst inside my chest.  A red haze fell across everything before me and my vision narrowed until I could see nothing but the closest pirate.  From far away, I heard myself vent a howl of inarticulate rage and remorse.  Beside me, Martin did the same.


The pirate at the end of my tunnel vision was just turning around when my sword cut him in two.

Come one, come all to the Crimson Ball!

As the pieces of the pirate fell away, another pirate appeared at the end of my red tunnel.  His sword was just coming up when I severed his arm at the elbow.  Terror etched itself on the man's face as I drove my sword into his chest, stopping only when the hilt hit his breast bone.  With a heave, I flung the body over my head, yanking my sword free as the dying man fell to the corridor behind me.

There's a Scout on your left, and a Scout on your right
And Boosted they'll be when they join the fight!

On the edge of my narrowed vision, I saw a pirate trying to edge around me.  My left fist shot out and crushed the man's throat.  The gurgling, gagging man slid down the wall, doomed to a slow death by asphyxiation.

With a wink and a glance, they'll ask you to dance.
Then blades will flash and cut and slash!

The next pirate tried to back away, both hands held before him imploring me to spare him.  Pirates behind him shoved him back toward me.  My blade flashed.  His throat was slashed.

Your heads will fly and each will die.
Then we'll paint the hall red with the blood of your dead!

With no chance of escape, two pirates charged at me.  With a broad sweep of my sword, two heads bounced off the corridor wall.

So come one, come all to the Crimson Ball!

Finally, I came to the man who had closed the airlock door.  The man who had pressed the button and consigned my wife, my reason for life, to the cold void of space.  He was huddled against the wall, hands raised in supplication.  Tears streamed down his face and his mouth moved frantically as he begged for his life.

I was not in a forgiving mood.

Sword raised to give the man a faster death than he deserved, I stepped toward him.

"David!  No!"

Oh, God, I could almost hear Callan's voice calling to me.

"Darling, stop!  For me, for us, stop!"

Green eyes appeared at the end of my red tunnel.  Soft, loving hands wrapped around my neck and pulled me toward the eyes.  I dropped my sword and, not daring to hope, reached out toward the vision before me.  My hands met warm, live flesh and I pulled Callan into my embrace.

My vision cleared.  Hearing returned.  I was vaguely aware Martin and Megan were similarly entwined.  Covering my wife's face with kisses, I rejoiced.

Callan was alive!

How did Callan and Megan survive?  Find out in Chapter 97, coming Monday!