Friday, May 9, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 93

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Chapman has led Captain Quint and his pirates right to our heroes’ location!

Rupor, who was about to ascend into the corridor, sighed.  "My apologies, David.  I shouldn't have suggested you try to save Chapman.  I don't know what I was thinking."

"You were thinking about the woman you love, Rupor," I said.

Rupor's eyebrows shot up.  "Is it that obvious?"

Moving up next to Rupor, I pulled myself up into the corridor.  "By now, everyone on the ship has probably figured it out.  So, yeah, it's that obvious."

Rupor rose from the air duct to join us in the corridor.  "Then, if the chance presents itself, you know why I must be the one to kill Chapman."

"He knows nothing of the sort!" Callan called from below.  "David, don't let Rupor kill that slime unless there's no other choice."

"The same goes for you, Martin!" Megan sang out.

"But-" Rupor began.

"Your Highness," growled the sergeant, "a wise man listens to what women have to say concerning affairs of the heart!"

Rupor stared at the marine for a second.

"I've been married nearly as long as you've been alive, Prince Rupor," the sergeant said.  "After that many years, a man either learns a few things about women or spends a lot of cold nights on the couch.  Now, gentlemen, could I suggest we turn our attention to the pirates?"

Our section of the corridor was getting a bit crowded.  Two more marines had climbed up to join us.  One more marine, the young private I'd fought next to only a few minutes ago, was about to join us.

"Stay down there, Harris," the sergeant ordered.  "If we can't break through the pirate lines, it's your responsibility to get the women back to our ship."

"Yes, sir!" Harris replied.

We turned our attention back to the pirates.  Two groups stood to either side of us, blocking all exits except the air duct.  Despite having the numerical advantage, the pirates were just milling about.  Quint, arms folded, glared at us from behind one group.  Chapman, eyes bright and looking all the world like a weasel, stood next to Quint.

"Why aren't they attacking?" one of the marines asked.

"Quint's probably waiting for even more men so he can overwhelm us," Martin said.

"Then let's not wait for them to attack us," I said.  "Marines, stand aside and give Martin and me clear paths to the pirates."

Stepping forward, I looked in the eye of each pirate on the front line.  Switching to gal base, I said, "There's an indigenous race on my adopted planet.  Do you know what their name for me is?"

"Um, no?"

"Pay him no never mind, boys!" Quint called.  "We got 'em outnumbered."

"Then why aren't you attacking, Quint?" I said.  I turned my attention back to the front line.  "They call me the Hand of Death.  Stand down or my hand will deal your death!"

The four on the front line exchanged nervous glances.

"Ignore his yammerin'!" Quint commanded.  “He be outnumbered.  Ain’t no way he attacks!"

Sword raised, I charged!

Badly outnumbered, our hero charges into battle!  Find out what happens next in Chapter 94, coming Monday!