Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 92

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Our heroes have escaped from the arena in an air duct!

The hubbub surrounding the arena faded as we hurried through the air ducts.  Martin had slipped around everyone to take the lead while I stayed at the back to guard against pursuers.

"That was nicely done back there, my love," he said to Megan.  "When did you have time to come up with that song?"

"I just made it up as I went."

"Callan," Martin said, "could I suggest you have Megan appointed as the official bard of the Mordanian Court when we get home?"

"Please ignore Martin," Megan said to Callan.  "My songs are meant to be sung in taverns, on trails, and on street corners, not cooped up in a stuffy palace filled with stuffy nobles!"

Megan suddenly remembered she was talking to a noble who lived in the palace.  "Um, no offense, Your Highness."

Callan laughed.  "None taken, Megan.  I hope you'll agree to perform at the palace someday, but you have too much wanderlust to be happy stuck in one place.  How fortunate for you that Martin shares your love of the itinerant lifestyle.  You'll give us enough advance notice to catch up with the two of you for the big day, won't you?"

"What big day?" Megan asked.

"Your Highness, has anyone told you that you are much too observant?" Martin said.

"I am sorry, Martin," Callan said, contrition creeping into her voice.  "You've always been one to act once you made up your mind, I just assumed..."

"Would someone mind letting me in on this big secret?" Megan said, her voice rising.

"I'd hoped to be on one knee rather than bent double running through an air duct, but it seems the universe had other plans."  Martin looked over his shoulder.  "Megan, will you marry me?"

"Oh, is that what this was all about?" Megan asked.  "Sure."

"Until we have more time, please consider yourself thoroughly kissed, my dear."

"Consider my heart to be all aflutter and me near to swooning, dear heart.”

“You’ve made me the happiest man in the air duct!”

"My congratulations to the both of you," I called.  "Can you see a way out of this duct, Martin?  My back is killing me!"

"David, you'll be my best man, of course," Martin called back.  "And I see a grating about fifty feet ahead."

"I'd be honored," I said.  "Do you hear any sounds from ahead?"

"Excellent!" Martin called.  "I don't hear anything.  We can assume there isn't any fighting above the grate, at least."

"We might as well complete the wedding party while we're down here," Megan said.  "Callan, would you be my matron of honor?"

"'Matron' makes me sound so old!  I'm only twenty-two, you know."

It was Megan's turn to laugh.  "There is a specific connotation to 'maid.'  Unless you're saying David and you-"

"Matron it is," Callan interrupted.  "And, like David, I'd be honored."

“My compliments to the happy couple," growled the marine sergeant, "but could I suggest you hold off setting a date until we're back aboard the ship?"

"Good idea, Sergeant," Martin said.  "The corridor above sounds empty.  We won't have a better opportunity to get out of this duct."

At a nod from me, Martin lifted the grate and climbed out.  Two marines had followed him when Chapman's voice rang out.

"There they are, Captain Quint!  Just like I told you!”

Chapman is back and, yet again, is attempting to curry favor with Quint!  Will our heroes survive yet another encounter with Quint and Chapman?  Find out in Chapter 93, coming Friday!