Monday, May 5, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 91

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Boosted, David and Martin plan to cover their party’s retreat from the arena!

The advance of the pirates was slowed as the pirates argued over who would be on the front line.  It appeared everyone wanted the first crack at us.  That gave Callan and Megan time to express their opinions of Martin's plan.

"Isn't that always the plan?" Callan asked.  "Danger looms, David Boosts, and his life is shortened because Boost abuses his body.  I didn't marry him just to watch him Boost himself into an early grave!"

"And, speaking as the expedition's bard, do you have any idea how hard it is to find rhymes for Boost?" Megan added.

"There's always loosed," Martin said.  "As in 'The men did Boost, and death was loosed.'"

"Dearest, I'd have starved years ago if I had your way with words!" Megan replied.

"That's it!" Callan exclaimed.  "Megan, tell the pirates what will happen to them if they attack us again.  Be colorful."

Megan grinned,  grabbed Martin and me by the arm, and stepped toward what would soon be the line of battle.  "Come on, boys, let's put on a show."

Facing the pirates across ten feet of corridor, she began to sing in gal base.  Seriously, she sang to a blood-thirsty gang of pirates!

Come one, come all
To the crimson ball!
I've a Scout to my left,
And a Scout to my right,
And Boosted they'll be,
When they join the fight!
With a wink and a glance
They'll ask you to dance.
Then blades will flash
And cut and slash!
Your heads will fly
And each will die.
Then we'll paint the hall red
With the blood of your dead!
So come one, come all
To the crimson ball!

The grisly song was all the more jarring for the spritely tone Megan used -- except for the last two lines.  Those were delivered in a tone so menacing I felt a shiver run up my spine!

"All fun aside, boys," Megan said into the silence, "you will end up looking like a girl's dolls after her spiteful little brother finishes playing with them.  Look at the bodies you just dragged aside.  Hacked and slashed as they are, those are pretty corpses compared to what David and Martin will leave behind!"

Turning toward the air duct, Megan looked back over her shoulder.  "Or you could just say we slipped away when you eager lads from the arena crashed out into the stalwart fellows in the corridor.  It's such an easy story to remember and who could say otherwise?"

With a parting smile, Megan began walking away.

"Let's go, everyone," she hissed.  "I don't know how long they'll dither!"

While Megan was singing, two marines had pulled the grating up from the air duct.  One by one, we jumped into the duct.  Dropping down last, I yanked the grating back in place.  Bending double, we hurried through the duct, unsure where it would lead!

Our heroes have escaped from the arena, but what lies ahead?  Find out in Chapter 92 of Scout’s Duty, coming Wednesday!