Friday, May 2, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 90

Scout's Honor, the first book in the Scout series, is now available as an ebook from Amazon for the low price of $1.99!  Click the title to buy it.

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Outside the pirate captains’ box, our heroes find their escape route blocked by pirates battling Mordanian and Tartegian marines!

"Martin, find us a way out of here!" I called, spinning to guard the door I'd just stepped through.

"Already on it," Martin replied over the clash of weapons.

"Marines, withdraw from your position slowly until the door Captain Rice is guarding is in front of you," Rupor ordered.  "You'll be surrounded, otherwise."

Sword at the ready, Rupor joined me at the door into the captains' box.  He lunged as the door swung open and was rewarded by a cry of pain from inside.

"Takes you back to when we stormed the pirate spaceship a few months ago, eh what?" he grinned.

I slashed an extending sword arm and the blade dropped to the floor.  "What, heavily outnumbered and too close to the dark edge of death?"

"Exactly, my friend!" Rupor enthused, parrying a hastily jabbed pirate sword.  "A man is never more alive than when he's defying death.  It makes the blood sing!"

"Last time, my blood leaked and in large quantities.  And I recall that you were captured."  I lunged at a face inside the door.  The face disappeared as the pirate jumped back and tripped over someone behind him.

"True, but we have your friend Captain Bane with us this time," Rupor enthused, pulling his sword from the belly of a pirate.

As if on cue, Martin called, "I've found something!  Keep up the fighting withdrawal while I get the ladies into the duct."

Air ducts?  Not bad, and they might even get us safely behind our own lines if we didn't get hopelessly lost in them.  But I could see one problem with that escape route.

"How are we all going to get into the ducts without leaving some marines behind to die?"

The sergeant leading the marines replied, "That's our job, sir, and we're damned good at it!  The pirates will pay heavily before they get past us."

The marines' fighting withdrawal reached me and I fell in beside a young private.  The boy couldn't be more than a couple of years older than Milo!

"Martin, there's got to be something we can do to give all of us a fighting chance!"

Rupor fell in beside me and we backed down the corridor from the door.  Overeager, the pirates inside the captains' box rushed into the corridor and smashed into the pirates’ front line.  It was a golden opportunity and the marines took full advantage of the confusion.  Swords flashed and men screamed.  Seconds later, nine pirates lay dead or dying and the pirates paused to regroup.

In the comparative silence, Martin didn't have to shout.  "I've got an idea for getting all of us away from here."

Martin's tone was as casual as possible under the circumstances, but there must have been something in his look.

"What kind of idea?" Callan demanded.

"It's simple.  We take advantage of the confusion and all retreat into the duct!"

Before us, the pirates were already regrouping and their confusion hadn't lasted long enough for Martin's plan to succeed.

"And what, exactly, is going to cause this confusion?" Megan asked.

"David and I will," he replied.  "Attacking the pirates while Boosted.”

Even Boosted, can our heroes hold the pirates at bay long enough for everyone to escape?  Find out in Chapter 91, coming Monday!