Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 89

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David has revealed his true identity and demanded the pirates surrender!

From Chapman's warning, Quint already knew something was amiss and the other captains were starting to figure it out.  Once we attacked the captains, the pirates around the arena would come to the same conclusion.  So my ultimatum didn't give away anything the pirates weren't going to discover in the next second or two.  It did achieve the effect I hoped for -- it gave them a second's pause.

Steel rasped against leather as Martin and Rupor drew their swords.  At the same time, Quint broke toward the arena.  With a bound, he dove between the bars, kicking off from them to launch himself toward one of the spheres.

Once he was clear of us, Quint bellowed, "Take 'em afore they git away, lads!"

That broke the spell.  With a roar, pirates surged through the bars and into the arena.  In the box with us, the pirate captains went for their swords.

With a flick of my wrist, one of my knives flew across the box and buried itself in the throat of a pirate captain.  Gurgling, blood fountaining from his neck, the man stumbled into another pirate.  Off balance, the pirate was an easy target for Rupor's flashing blade.

I could have hoped the remaining three pirate captains had been unnerved by the sudden violence and the shifting situation.  But violence and chaos were part and parcel of the life of a pirate.  Swords drawn, the pirates advanced to meet us and the box rang as steel met steel.

No one rose to the position of pirate captain without being able to handle a blade.  These men were no exceptions.  They knew they had hundreds of pirates swarming their way.  They could fight defensively, holding us off until their men arrived.  Then we'd be overwhelmed!

Martin and Rupor were pushing their pirates' defenses to the limit, but I was only armed with a knife.  Fighting at such a disadvantage, I had no chance of finishing off my opponent quickly unless I Boosted.  I didn't want to use Boost so early in this running fight, but I didn't see any other option.  Until I saw six inches of bloody steel push out of the man's chest!

The pirate fell forward, revealing Callan holding my blood-coated sword.

"The pirates only allow blades within the base," she said, reversing the sword and handing it to me.  "So I brought yours!"

"Remind me to kiss you when we have the time," I said, slashing the back of the pirate fighting Martin.

As Martin thrust his sword through the wounded pirate, I spun and did the same to the pirate facing Rupor.  The prince sketched a salute with his sword.

Megan opened the door out of the captains’ box and ran through.  The rest of us followed.  The first pirate had just reached the bars of the captains' box as I slipped out the door.  In the corridor, Mordanian and Tartegian marines fought shoulder to shoulder against more pirates.

Our escape route was blocked!

With pirates before them and pirates behind them, how can our heroes hope to escape?  Find out in Chapter 90, coming Friday!