Friday, April 11, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 81

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Taking an unconscious Chapman back to the ship, our hero discovers Martin and the other pirate captains have returned well ahead of schedule!

"Why is the pinnace back so soon?" Megan asked.

"It's probably because the wormhole was activated," I replied.  "It's the same reason the base is operating under radio silence."

I turned to the marine carrying Chapman.  "Sergeant, we're going to try to delay the pirates long enough for you to get Chapman into the ship.  Stuff him in a room with only one door and keep a guard on that door at all times."

"Yes, sir!" the marine replied.  Speaking to his second-in-command, he added, "Corporal, you and the men stay with the Prince Consort and the young lady."

As the corporal acknowledged the order, I spoke to Megan.  "Make a big show of kissing Martin when we get to him."

A devilish smile lit Megan's face.  "With all these people watching?  That does sound like fun, but why am I doing it?"

"You're the only one of us known to speak gal base.  You may have to wander the base a lot more than I'd prefer and you're an extremely attractive woman."

Megan batted her eyes.  "Why, David, I do believe you’ve been looking at women other than your wife!  What would Callan say about that?"

"She'd say I'm married, not blind.  The point is, you've got to show these pirates that you're Martin's woman.  They have to believe that messing with you will draw the ire of a pirate captain.  That belief may be your only protection away from the ship."

Megan heaved a theatrical sigh.  "Very well, David, I shall do my best to display some modicum of attraction."

When Martin exited the pinnace a few seconds later, Megan's eyes lit up, she flashed a dazzling smile, ran lightly forward and threw herself upon Martin.  Arms wrapped around his neck, she locked her lips on his, and gave him a hero's welcome.  After a startled second, Martin returned her greeting with equal fervor.  Either he was a better performer than I thought or he held deeper feelings for Megan than I'd realized!

When the two finally came up for air, Megan asked in gal base, "Did you bring me something from the treasure?  You promised me a pretty jewel!"

Martin played his part to the hilt, playfully tapping Megan on the nose with a finger.  "We didn't get to the treasure, my dear.  The wormhole opened up and the other captains insisted we return to base."

Rolling his eyes, Quint turned to me.  "I saw Chapman’s body being carried aboard your ship.  I guess the duel be over?"

Megan slipped from Martin's arms.  "I've got to go translate for your lunkhead first officer, dearest."

As I stood there with a look of incomprehension, she told Quint, “Chapman is unconscious, not dead.  We’ve taken him on board our ship to face punishment for striking a woman.  The duel will have to wait."

"Wrong, woman.  The duel be first.  The challenge was given and accepted afore Chapman hit his wife."  Quint turned to the other captains.  "Don't rightly see why hittin' yer wife is a crime, no how."

Megan's voice chilled considerably.  "What makes you think Chapman didn't hit his wife first?"

"Ain’t no way yer 'lunkhead' here woulda stepped in ta help Chapman if’n he’d already done smacked the woman.  So the fight be on — and there ain't no time like the present, I say!"  Quint raised his voice until it echoed through the docking bay.  "Stop workin' boys!  It be time fer the duel!”

Must our hero fight alongside the turncoat who has tried several times to spill our hero’s plans?  Find out in Chapter 82, coming Monday!