Monday, March 17, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 70

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Captain Quint claims Callan and Megan are to be ‘shared’ with the other pirate captains!

The other five captains muttered "Yeah" and "Tha's right" while their eyes darted back and forth between Callan and Megan.  They were almost drooling after Quint's pronouncement.  I wanted to step between the pirates and Callan in the worst way.  Callan laid a hand lightly on my arm, so I stayed put.

Martin's voice cut through the building tension.  "You don't have any kind of stupid 'sharing' rule, Quint."

"I been part o' this Brotherhood for three decades, Bane.  You been part for ten minutes.  Who do you think knows more ‘bout the Brotherhood?"

"Caudill's files had a copy of the captain's agreement for the Brotherhood.  If I'd found anything so idiotic as that in the articles, I'd never have contacted you."

One of the other captains piped up, "It's an unwritten rule."

The other four captains nodded.  Quint kept his gaze steady on Martin, watching and, I expect, evaluating him.

"Is that so?" Martin asked.  Martin pointed at Laura.  "Then perhaps one of you gentlemen could explain why Caudill had all of the wives on his ship?"

More muttering from the five, then one said, "Caudill was different.  And you ain't Caudill!"

"No, I'm not.  Caudill is dead.  His ship is my ship now."  The captains stopped nodding.  "One of your written rules provides very detailed rules for settling disagreements between captains.  Quint, the next time you or your little Greek Chorus make another ridiculous claim, I will follow those rules to the letter and deprive one of these six ships of its captain."

Martin's glare swept across the six captains.  "Are we clear, gentlemen?"

For the second time since we exited the ship, Quint burst out laughing.  "Caudill was a good captain, but I think we traded up with you!"  Quint pretended to wipe tears of laughter from ice cold eyes.  "Now, 'bout Caudill's treasure-"

"We'll talk treasure after Laura and her friends see their husbands."

"I told you we'd work that out, Bane."

"And I'm telling you we'll work it out first, Quint."

"You puttin' pleasure slaves ahead o' treasure?"

"No, I'm putting my crew ahead of a treasure that isn't going anywhere."

"Yer crew?" one of the Greek Chorus said.  "But Caudill-"

"For the last time, I'm not Caudill."  Martin turned back to Quint.  "Well?"

Quint raised a wrist comm to his mouth.  "Send 'em in."

The docking bay hatch slid open and a crowd of men hesitated before walking forward.  Laura gave a small gasp and went flying across the bay.  Behind us, dozens of feet rang on the boarding ramp as the rest of the women followed her.

Martin watched for a few seconds then said, "Now we can talk about treasure.”

What is Martin planning for the treasure hunt?  Find out more in Chapter 71, coming Wednesday!