Friday, March 14, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 69

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Our heroes stand face-to-face with half a dozen pirate captains!

Footsteps rang on the ramp behind us as Rupor ran out to join Martin, Laura, Callan, and me.  The pirates didn't so much as glance at the prince.  They were much too busy leering at Callan.  It appeared women were as rare among pirates as the stories said, because the six pirates were acting like they hadn't seen a woman in ages.

Speaking his native language, Rupor said, "I have half a dozen men armed with lasers stationed just inside the airlock.  I doubt we'll need them, but I prefer to err on the side of caution."

It was a good idea, one I wish I had considered.  Rupor's military training had proven useful months ago when we captured the ship and it was proving useful again.

Quint grimaced at Rupor and growled, "What's the elsie sayin'?"

"Elsie?" Martin asked.

"El Cee.  Lost Colonist," Quint said.  "How long you been on the planet, Bane?"

"Seventeen years."

The pirates all nodded as if that explained everything.  "There's been a spate o' lost colonies being found in the last few years.  Newsies called 'em Lost Colonists but most folks just shortened it to elsie," Quint said.  "So, what's the elsie sayin'?"

"He said he stationed six men with lasers inside our airlock as a precaution against treachery."

The pirates muttered and exchanged glances before Quint scowled and said, "You don't trust us, Bane?"

"Ah, I see the error of my ways," Martin replied.  "I thought I had joined a pirate Brotherhood, not the Fractured Feelings Fraternity of Fragile Flowers."

Quint's scowl deepened and the other five pirates cast hard glares at Martin.  Martin folded his arms and met the glares with the mocking smile he does so well.  Quint barked a laugh, quickly followed by the other five captains.

"You'll do, Bane," he said.

The light patter of feet on the ramp sounded behind me.  I didn't even need to hear her speak to know who it was.

"What did I miss?" Megan asked.

Megan's arrival did draw some open stares away from Callan, at least.

"Well now, seems t' me you found yourself a secret source o' fine lookin' women, Bane."  Quint was back to growling.  "The rules of the Brotherhood say share and share alike!”

Surrounded by defense lasers and facing six pirate captains, how will our heroes respond to the threat against Callan and Megan?  Find out in Chapter 70, coming Monday!