Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 68

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The Aashla’s Hope has entered the pirate bay!

Martin and I stared through the view screen at the automated defense lasers.

"We can't leave with those in place and the navy will get sliced to ribbons if the lasers are active when they come to our rescue."  Martin turned to me.  "Got any bright ideas?"
I shrugged.  "We'll have to find a way to disable them, obviously."

Laura, who had been on the bridge observing, stepped up to Martin and me.  "Let me guess, your plan has to be scrapped?"

"Bad plans have to be scrapped at the last minute, my good woman," Martin said.  "Good plans just require a few revisions!"

"Well, my good man, when you put it that way I feel so much better!" Laura replied.

I wasn't sure if this was stress-relieving banter or if nerves were stretched to the breaking point.  Before I could think of something to say to defuse the situation, Callan stepped in.

"Laura, to protect their wives, the husbands are forced to perform maintenance for the base, right?"  When Laura nodded, Callan continued.  "You and the other ladies on this ship were in the same position with Caudill and used your positions to sabotage his ship."

Martin and Laura flashed grins at each other.

"Our husbands can disable the lasers!"

"While David and I are leading the captains on the wild treasure chase!"

"And when the two of you get back, we can just power up and leave!"

Callan frowned.  "You hadn't mentioned David going with you, Martin."

"We'll need a pilot and I can't trust anyone the captains would choose.  And six against one is much worse odds than six against two."  Martin gave her a smile.  "Consider it one last adventure for David.  Something he can tell your grandchildren about when he's a doddering old man."

Callan sighed and slipped her arm around my waist.  Anything she might have said was cut off when Nist spoke.

"We've docked, Cap'n!  All engines stopped."

Through the view screen, we saw men entering the docking bay.

"Time to go meet the Brotherhood," Martin said.

A moment later, the airlock cycled and we stepped off the ship.  Arrayed before us stood the six pirate captains.

Our heroes finally stand face-to-face with the pirate captains!  Find out what happens next in Chapter 69, coming Friday!