Monday, March 3, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 64

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Our heroes have been accepted into the pirate Brotherhood!

"I'm looking forward to a profitable relationship," Martin replied.  "Now that I'm one of you, perhaps you'd care to introduce yourself?"

"You may call me Captain Quint."

Martin's eyebrows rose.  "I am honored to meet a living legend!"

"Scorch the honor, Bane.  I'll be satisfied if you take us to Caudill's treasure and do your part to support the Brotherhood."

Martin smiled.  "I foresee exciting times ahead for us, Quint."

"Buoy channel eight one three has today's safe course to the base.  The other captains and I will meet you in the docking bay."

"I'll look forward to it," Martin said.  "Oh, I do have one other request.  In order to repair the ship, I required the cooperation of the women Caudill had on board.  I offered time with their husbands in return for their help."

"You got their cooperation or you wouldn't be here.  You're a pirate, Bane.  You don't have to keep your end of the bargain."

"And you'd accept that explanation if I chose to keep Caudill's treasure to myself?"

Quint's eyes narrowed.  "It's not the same thing, Bane.  We're your partners.  Those women are just useful playthings."

"I've been a pirate for a long time, Quint, and having a reputation for keeping my word was very profitable."  Martin's face hardened, transforming from my genial friend into a ruthless pirate in the blink of an eye.  "Do not presume to tell me how to run my ship.  We will work within your current repair schedules, but my women will have time with their husbands."

Quint glared at Martin before giving an abrupt nod.  "I'll alert the repair bay manager."

Martin's face relaxed and my friend was back.

"Transmission terminated," Heidi said.  "And thank you.  I haven't seen my husband in over a year."

"Soon you'll be able to spend all the time with him you want," Martin replied.  "Nist, we have families to reunite.  Take us in!”

Having gotten access to the pirate base, how will our heroes succeed in rescuing the husbands?  Find out what happens next in Chapter 65, coming Wednesday!