Friday, February 21, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 60

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Our hero returns to space!

As Asshla's Hope cleared the atmosphere, everyone not busy at a work station rushed to the view ports.  Gasps rose as the crew got their first look at their planet from space.  Fortunately, Martin and I had seen this coming and had setup a work schedule which allowed everyone to get a look at the planet within the first hour.

We had time to enjoy the sights while the nav computer scanned the area of the planetary ring around the wormhole entrance.  The computer began tracking the movement of the rocks large enough to threaten our spaceship.  Martin and I watched the process for a while, verifying everything was going as planned.

Martin turned to me.  "I'll take first bridge watch.  Why don't you go find Callan and relax for an hour or two."

"You don't want to spend some time with Megan doing the same?"

"She'll be busy staring out the view port and strumming on her guitar.  I will just be a hinderance until she finds the right melody."  Martin waved me toward the hatch.  "Now, go kiss your wife or something."

I found Callan sitting next to Megan, who was experimenting with melodies as she gazed out a view port.

"You know, our cabin has a view port, too," I said, wrapping my arms around Callan.

Callan smiled and, without a word, took my hand and led me back to our cabin.  Taking Martin's advice a step further, I kissed my wife and something.

Eight hours later, the nav computer gave us a winding course to reach the wormhole entrance.  I took one look at the twists and turns required and summoned Nist.

"Do you think you can follow this?" I asked, showing him the course projection.

Nist nodded and took the helm.  The next seventeen minutes were nerve wracking for everyone except Nist.  He was having the time of his life.  Then the spaceship slipped past the last asteroid and Aashla's Hope plunged into the wormhole!

Our hero is on his way to the pirate lair!  Find out what happens next in Chapter 61, coming Monday!