Monday, February 17, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 58

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The women chose to sabotage the pirate ship entering this star system because our hero was in the system, as well.

Callan turned to me.  "Are you famous in the star-spanning civilization you've told me about, darling?  Some kind of galactic hero?"

"No, I'm just a Scout."

"Just a Scout?" Laura interjected.  "Your Highness, the Scout Corps are a rare breed among a complacent and unadventurous people.  They blaze trails, discover new planets, and find lost civilizations.  Scouts are the last heroes in a civilization desperately in need of them!

"When we discovered the pirates were following a Scout's emergency drone," Laura continued, "we knew the Scout would find a way to help us."

"That's a lot of faith based on an emergency drone," I said.

"You're here.  The pirates are dead or captured.  We're free," Laura said, ticking each item off on her fingers.  "I'd call that faith well placed."

"I did my duty.  Nothing more."

Laura and Callan exchanged glances.  "He believes that to his core, Laura."

"You married a remarkable man, Your Highness."

Callan leaned over and kissed me.  "I know."

"And if I have anything to say about it, David will be a famous galactic hero!" Laura said.  "Milo told us tales of your adventures.  Even discounting his exaggerations, it's an amazing story."

"What exaggerations?" Callan asked.  "Milo is quite truthful."

"The most unbelievable one had David Boosting for over ten minutes while single-handedly defending a trapdoor from something Milo called trogs."

"I was there, Laura.  That really happened," Callan said.

Laura's eyes went wide.  I took advantage of the brief silence to change the subject.

"How long will it take you to repair the ship and train a crew?"

Laura pondered, then said, "Three weeks for repairs.  Considering the tech level we've seen, six months to train a crew."

"Then you'd better get started," I said.  "We've got a pirate base to take and your husbands to rescue!"

Can the pirate ship be made space-worthy again and can a crew be found among the people on the planet?  Find out more in Chapter 59, coming Wednesday!