Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 56

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Our hero is bleeding to death!

Tristan's pronouncement hung in the air for a second, then there was a bustle of activity around me.  One of Laura's women -- a med tech, I assumed -- hooked me up to a machine.

"Are you ready for me to put him under, Doctor?" she asked.

"Yes, Pamela."

As Pamela fiddled with her machine, Callan lifted my right hand to her lips.  "I'll be here waiting for you when you wake up."

"I can't think of anyone else I'd rather see," I said.

Then everything faded to black.

Despite the anesthesia, some small part of me was aware of what was going on around me.  Or maybe what I thought I remembered was sounds which my implant picked up and then leaked into my dreams.

"There's the cut in the artery.  Now, let's see if-  Damn!  Clamp the artery!  Now!"

"His blood pressure is dropping, Doctor!"

"Pamela, we need to try that blood trans whatever it was you told me about!"

"What's happening to David, Tristan?"

"Martin, get her out of here and find me some blood donors.  At least three, preferably more!"

"Martin, don't you dare try to take me away from David!"

"Callan, you're distracting Tristan.  You've got to leave!"

"Hang on, lad!"

I woke up.  Callan, dry eyed and calm, sat next to me, holding my hand.  Tristan stood on the other side of me, watching Pamela take readings from her machines.  Laura was at the foot of the bed, along with four other women.  They were all wearing marine shirts and looked quite fetching.

"We have got to get you one of those shirts, Callan."

Callan rolled her eyes.  "You nearly died and that's the first thing you think of?  Maybe you should try thanking them for donating blood, instead.”

"Or," Laura said, "you could thank us by keeping your promise."

“Won’t you need a working spaceship before David could hope to lead a rescue of your husbands?" Callan asked.  “As I understand it, this one is broken.”

“Not broken, Your Highness,” Laura said.  “Sabotaged.”

“Who did that?” I asked.

Laura grinned.  “We did.”

What did Laura and her friends do to the pirate ship?  Find out in Chapter 57, coming Friday!