Monday, February 10, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 55

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The pirates have surrendered to Callan.

Minutes later, Callan and her escort of marines swept out of the airlock and headed my way.  My wife was in full princess mode.  She assumed this bearing as easily as she put on a new dress -- easier, when I considered how many ladies-in-waiting she had to help her change clothes!  Most of the time, Callan went into princess mode in court or during royal appearances.  Today, she was using it as armor to hold her worry for me at bay.

"Private?"  Callan smiled at the private who had given his shirt to Laura.  "I'm afraid we have twenty-two more women in need of proper clothing.  On my authority, please gather a shirt for each of them.  My page, Milo, will be along shortly to guide you to them."

She turned to the medic.  "Corporal, please prepare to move my husband.  Tristan will be operating in a surgery on board the pirate ship."

Callan's princess armor cracked a bit when she knelt beside me.  I wiped the single tear from her cheek as she said, "I see you're still alive.  Thank you for following my orders!"

"I strive to please, Your Wifeness."

Callan gave a bark of laughter, quickly smothering it into a quiet fit of giggles.

"I've been saving that one for just the right moment," I said.

Through her giggles, Callan replied, "How very thoughtful of you."

"Your Highness, we're ready," the medic said.

The princess armor snapped shut around Callan as she rose to her feet.  "Follow me."

She led us to the surgery, where we found Tristan staring goggle-eyed at what I saw as an outdated ship's surgery.  Tristan's attention focused on me.  His face grew serious as he examined my wound.

"Let's get started while there's still a chance to save him!"

Can Tristan save our hero's life?  Find out in Chapter 56, coming Wednesday!