Monday, February 3, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 52

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Our hero’s wounded shoulder is worse than anyone thought.  The sword nicked an artery!

Callan's face paled at the medic's pronouncement.  "David, can that thing in your head fix the wound?"

"My implant?  No, not without some medical nanites."

Ignoring the confused look of the medic, Callan asked, "Do they have some of those nan-whatevers on the spaceship?"

"I think they were destroyed in the crash.  Why else would they need Tristan to tend to their wounded," I said.  "But maybe the women hid some nanites.  Send someone to ask Laura."

"Who?  Never mind."  She turned to one of the marines who had brought me out.  "Private, do you know who Laura is?"

"I do, Your Highness."

"Good, take Milo and find her."

I'd almost forgotten Milo was with us before he stepped up to Callan's side.

"Milo," she said to him, "ask this Laura if they have..."  Callan got a faraway look in her eyes as she searched for the right phrasing.  "Any tiny medical machines.  Tell her about David's wound, if it it helps."

Milo looked as pale as Callan and twice as serious.  I hated to see his spirit weighed down worrying about me.

"And Milo," I added.  "Look her in the eyes when you talk to her."

"What?" he and Callan both asked.

"The pirates chose the clothes the ladies are wearing.  Be a gentleman.  Don't let your eyes wander too much."

A hint of Milo's impish smile returned.  "I'll try, David!"

The private and Milo bounded into the spaceship and disappeared from view.  While they were gone, I told Callan what had happened on board the spaceship.  I was just describing Martin's heroics when Laura and Milo dashed through the airlock.

Ignoring all the people staring at her, Laura reported to Callan, "We don't have any nanites.  Worse, the pirates are holding the prince and the doctor hostage!”

Can the doctor be rescued from the pirates in time to save our hero?  Find out more in Chapter 53, coming Wednesday!