Friday, January 31, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 51

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Wounded, our hero can only sit and wait as Martin leads the marines against the pirates!

"You need a medic, sir," one of the marines said, pointing at my shoulder.

"Of course," I said.

I pushed off from the bulkhead I'd been bracing myself against and would have landed face-first on the deck if Megan and the blond hadn't caught me.  I'd lost more blood than I'd thought.

"Thank you, um-?" I said to the blond.


"Thank you, Laura.  I'm going to assign a couple of marines to guard your compartment until this is over.  Can you turn on the translator so my people can talk to you?"

A marine took her place propping me up as Laura stepped over to the communications station and flipped some switches.  "That should do it."

A second later, a translation came from the ship's intercom.

I switched to Mordanian.  "Megan, this is Laura.  I'd like you to be a liaison between my men and Laura's women."

"They're the allies who helped you?"  When I nodded, she continued, "That ought to make an interesting verse in my song!  What will Her Highness think?"

Laura smiled at the translation.  "You can assure the princess that her paramour was a perfect gentleman."

Megan frowned.  "He's her husband, not her paramour."

Laura's eyebrows shot up.  "But Caudill-"

"Jumped to an incorrect conclusion," I interrupted.  "Rupor and Callan played along so  they could get Orrons off my chest.  Literally."

We reached the hatch to the ladies' compartment.  I assigned guards and promised to send more appropriate clothing as soon as possible.  Closer to the airlock, we met more marines boarding the ship.  We directed them toward the fighting before exiting into dazzling late afternoon sunlight.

A medic rushed toward me, followed by Callan.  After a quick examination, he said, "He needs a skilled surgeon, Your Highness.  The sword nicked an artery!”

Tristan, a gifted surgeon, is in the hands of the pirates.  Can Martin and the marines free him in time to save our hero?  Find out in Chapter 52, coming Monday!