Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 50

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Just as our heroes appear to have taken control of the bridge, they hear the pounding of many feet charging down the corridor!

The three pirates grinned at the sound of what they were sure could only be reinforcements.  Confident Martin's attention was diverted, one of them reached for his sword.  One of Martin's swords changed direction.  With a howl of pain, the pirate pulled his hand back minus the tip of its middle finger.

"Help me get back up," I said to Megan, who had just helped me sit down.  "I need to be ready to fight."

"Can't you just shut the door?" she asked.

"No.  Some allies have taken over the door controls.  They'd-"  I stopped speaking as a thought struck me.

"They'd what?"

"They can see the passageway and control the door," I mused.  "Why didn't they shut the door?"

"You're asking the wrong person," Megan said.

She was right.  Raising my voice, I shouted in Mordanian, "This is Captain Rice.  Who approaches?"

The reply was clear and strong and among the most beautiful I'd ever heard.  "Marines from Her Highness's flagship, sir!"

Seconds later, a dozen Mordanian marines crowded into the bridge while several dozen more stood in the passage.  Beside the marine commander, looking woefully out of place among the heavily armed men, was the petite blond woman from the room down the passageway.

The commander saluted.  "This young woman was most adamant we follow her."

"I'm glad you did.  But now that you're here, we've got to find Rupor and his men."

"Oh hell no, David!" Martin said.  "You have to see a medic.  I will go with the marines."

"I'd have worded it differently, sir," the commander said, "but I must agree with Mr. Bane."

The commander detached four marines to help me, then he and Martin led the Marines aft in search of Rupor.  I could do nothing more but wait for news.

Will Martin and the Marines find Rupor and defeat the pirates?  Find out more in Chapter 51, coming Friday!