Monday, January 27, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 49

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Our hero has been stabbed in the shoulder!

Pain exploded as the pirate's sword grated against my shoulder blade and my left arm dropped to my side, useless.  My balance thrown off, I swung my sword wildly across the attacks of the other two pirates.  As much by luck as skill, I beat aside both attacks with the single parry.  But I had also left myself open to attacks by all three pirates!

The pirate to my left grinned and started to lean into his blade still sticking into my shoulder.  In a surprise move, the pirate withdrew his sword from my shoulder.  Then I realized the pirate was no less surprised than me!  He rose off the deck and flew across the bridge, crashing into the two pirates not yet in the fight but who were moving in on me.

Moving almost too fast to focus on, Martin Bane flowed past me, his mouth stretched in a feral grin.  "Megan, help David sit down before he falls down!"

The other two pirates had been bringing their swords to bear on me, looking for killing blows.  In an instant, I was forgotten as they turned to face this new threat.  But Martin was too fast, sliding in between them and slamming their heads together.  With a dull crack, both men dropped to the floor, senseless.

Scooping up their two swords, Martin advanced on the remaining pirates.  They were struggling to their feet as Martin began swinging his swords in a dizzying pattern.  The swords moved so fast you could actually hear them cutting through the air!

The pirates' eyes widened and Martin said, "I can kill or capture.  It matters not to me, but maybe it does to you three!"

Three swords clattered to the deck.

In the sudden silence, I heard many feet charging toward the bridge!

Have the pirates dealt with Rupor’s small boarding party and are now on their way to deal with our hero?  Find out in Chapter 50, coming Wednesday!