Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 44

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Our hero and the Tartegian boarding party storm aboard the pirate spaceship!

Stuck toward the back of the pack of airmen, I could only watch as Rupor and his men slammed into the squad of space pirates.  The pirates, disorganized by the flailing of their one-handed leader, tried to regroup but Rupor had picked his boarding party well.  The airmen in front blocked the pirates' desperate attacks and slammed them into bulkheads or down onto the deck.  The men behind them stabbed, hacked, and trampled the pirates as they passed.  Lastly, those bringing up the rear finished off the wounded before rushing to rejoin the boarding party.

It was brutal and deadly.  The pirates, used to fighting poorly trained merchant spacers or terrorizing space liner passengers, weren't prepared for the efficient violence dealt by Rupor's boarding party!

Bloody sword held high, Rupor gave a savage cry of triumph.  His men joined in and the metal bulkheads amplified the din to deafening levels.  Rupor charged down a passageway, neither he nor his men able to hear my shouted instructions to go the other way, toward the bridge.

The Tartegians' tactics, skill, and enthusiasm would only carry them so far.  The pirates still outnumbered us four or five to one and they knew the ship's layout intimately.  Eventually, their numbers and knowledge would carry the day unless we controlled the heart of the spaceship.

With a sigh I could just barely hear over the fading cries and footfalls of the boarding party, I went in the opposite direction from them.  Someone had to take control of the bridge.

I had no allies.  I had no Boost.  I had no plan.  But I had a laser pistol and, more importantly, I had the sword Rob had given me as he lay dying.  It would be enough to win the day.  It had to be!

How can our hero hope to triumph over the pirates on the bridge?  Find out in Chapter 45, coming Friday!