Monday, January 6, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 40

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Our hero plans how to get inside the pirate spaceship!

Of course there was more to the plan than I'd stated, but not much more.  We got a canvas sack from the Pauline and put Orrons' head inside the sack.  I pulled on Caudill's bloody shirt and donned his hat, pulling the brim as low as possible.  Mixed in among Rupor's men, I hoped to pass myself off as Caudill long enough for us to get inside the spaceship.

"How do I look?" I asked Callan, spreading my arms wide.

"Like a dead man walking."

"I meant the hat."

"Is that hat fashionable out in the wider galaxy?"

"I've been away from galactic civilization for a couple of years," I answered, "but it was when I left."

"Then there's hope galactic fashion has come to its senses," Callan said, shaking her head.

"You don't think it gives me a rakish look?"

"Um, no.  But if you keep your head down it will hide your face.  That is what you were going for, isn't it, darling?"

"Of course."

Perhaps my face displayed disappointment, because Callan rose on her toes and kissed me lightly.  "You don't need a hat to look rakish to me, David."

I became aware of laughter from behind me.  Rupor and a dozen of his men were regarding Callan and me with amusement.

Callan crossed her arms and glared at Rupor.  "Shall I tell them what you wore when we met for the first time, Rupor?"

Rupor's men laughed all the more as their prince's face reddened.

"All right, men," I called, "time to get serious!"

Rupor's men gathered around me.  Rupor assumed a prideful look and, the bloody sack held before him, struck out toward the spaceship a quarter of a mile away.  I prayed the flash of laser fire would not be the last thing we saw!

Will the pirates cut down our hero, Rupor, and Rupor’s men before they can get close to the spaceship?  Find out in Chapter 41, coming Wednesday!