Friday, January 3, 2014

Scout's Duty - Chapter 39

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Our hero has slain the pirate captain Caudill, but now he must find a way to rescue his friends still on board the pirate spaceship!

"Do you think a rescue is possible?" Callan asked.  "Won't the pirates on the spaceship already know their captain is dead and be preparing for an attack or a siege?"

"Neither, I think.  Caudill turned off his radio so he could threaten me without you and Rupor hearing and he didn't turn it on again.  And the wreck of the Pauline blocked the line of sight from the spaceship.  Caudill's men won't know he's dead yet, but they'll get suspicious if they don't hear from him soon!"

"What about the powered armor?  With the helmet on, couldn’t you just march into the spaceship unrecognized and then smash anyone who refused to surrender?" Callan asked.

"I'm afraid not," I replied.  "Only Orrons could control the armor."

Rupor's airship glided into position above us and began venting gas.  And I realized he was onboard a Tartegian warship.

Looking at the descending ship, I asked, "Callan, do you think your ex-betrothed would let me lead his airmen into battle?"

Callan sighed.  "You're the only one of us who's been inside the spaceship.  And you're probably the only one of us who'll know how to open the doors.  I don't like it, but you have to lead.  Rupor won't like it, either, but he'll agree."

Callan was right about Rupor on both counts.

Then Rupor added, "Of course, I'll be there as your second-in-command."

I took one look at his determined face and said, "I'll be honored to have you at my side, Your Highness."

Callan gave me a smile and a nod.  It seems I'd made the correct response.

"The plan is simple," I said to the airmen, "capture or kill everyone who doesn't speak your language!"

I gave a tight smile.  "Let's go capture a pirate ship!”

Can our hero and the Tartegian airmen successfully storm the pirate ship?  Find out in Chapter 40, coming Monday!