Friday, December 27, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 36

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Our hero emerges from under the collapsed gas envelope to find a laser pistol trained on him!

Caudill stood five feet away, the laser pistol aimed from the hip.  Knowing the pirate could burn a hole through my head before I could do anything to stop him, I went very still.  Then Callan wriggled out next to me.

"I found your sword, darling.  You-"  She broke off as she noticed Caudill.

"Have her slide the sword to me," Caudill said.

"You're trusting me to translate accurately?" I said.  "Why don't you turn on your radio and let the translator handle that for you?"

"You've already Boosted twice today, something I've never heard of before.  If I split my attention between you and the radio for a second, you could Boost a third time and take my laser."

Yeah, that had been my plan.

Caudill continued, "I'll just give you my undivided attention and let you translate.  And tell your guards to stay where they are or I'll burn you down!"

"What about the pilot?" I asked.

"Clever job he did landing that tub.  Too clever to leave him where I can't see him.  He can come out.  Hands empty, of course."

"Callan, slide my sword to Caudill."  I raised my voice.  "Everyone besides Nist, stay under the envelope."

Caudill's eyes flicked to Callan as she slid the sword to him but were back on me in an instant.  Leering, he said, "She's quite the pretty paramour, Rice.  Once my ship is repaired, I think I'll take her with me.  Her sale price will almost cover the loss of Orrons!"

Nist's empty hands poked out a few feet away.  He pulled himself halfway out and sat up.  Pulling his knees up, Nist pivoted on his backside.  As his feet swung free, I realized something was clamped between his feet.  Nist's legs kicked out and Orrons' head crashed into Caudill's chest!

Will this be the distraction our hero needs to turn the tables on the pirate?  Find out in Chapter 37, coming Monday!