Friday, December 20, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 33

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After Orrons has been knocked aside by the Pauline, Callan drops David’s sword to him!

I drew my sword and sprang to my feet as Nist threw the Pauline's throttle wide open and twisted the ailerons up.  The airship nosed up but it would be long seconds before it was too high for Orrons to jump to it.

Orrons struggled to his feet, for once the weight of the powered armor acting against him.  The boy's eyes smoldered and his face had gone white with rage.

"I'm going to pull your arms off and laugh while you die, Rice!"  Orrons' voice cracked as he screamed my name, adding to his anger.

"Rice has already Boosted, Orrons!  I can handle him," Caudill yelled over the roar of the Pauline's steam engine.  "Teach the crew of that airship a lesson!  I want the princess alive.  Do what you want with the rest!"

Orrons flexed his knees and jumped, catching hold of a piece of the airship's ornate trimming.  I didn't even pause to consider my next action.


Orrons was in for a surprise!  I leapt after Orrons.  Catching a foot, I used Orrons like a ladder and climbed for the deck.  Orrons was just pulling himself over the railing as I bounded to his shoulders and jumped to the deck.

One of Callan's guards rushed at the armored figure.  With a bellow, Orrons backhanded the guard, sending him crashing against the cabin.  Knowing there would be no reasoning with the boy, I charged.  Orrons swung his fist at me.  Ducking under it, I grabbed his elbow and swung up onto Orrons' back.

My sword flashed in the sunlight as I swung at the only unprotected part of Orrons' body -- his neck!  The blade sliced through flesh and bone with ease.  In terrible slow motion, Orrons' head spun through the air and dropped over the railing.

How will Caudill react to Orrons’ death?  Find out in Chapter 34, coming Monday!