Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 32

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Prince Rupor claims the right to kill our hero!

Orrons moved his foot from my chest but, at Caudill's order, straddled me to keep me from trying to run off.

"Prince Rupor," Caudill said, "Her Highness should attend the duel with you."

"I see no reason for that," Rupor replied.

"Really?  Then perhaps you earned her disrespect!"  Caudill's voice took on an edge.  "Coddle Princess Callan and you'll simply encourage her!"

"Yes, I insist on coming with you, Rupor!" Callan replied.  "I will enjoy watching David slice you to pieces!"

"Foolish woman, where did you get the idea that Rice would be armed?" Caudill snarled.  "I promised your husband he could kill Rice, not duel with him!"

"No, Captain Caudill," Rupor said, "Rice must be armed.  To do otherwise would be to destroy what is left of my honor!"

"Oh, very well.  Her Highness may bring a sword for Rice."  With an annoyed shake of the head, Caudill turned off his radio.  "Rice, be advised that Orrons will kill Princess Callan and you if Rupor loses this duel.  So, for the princess's sake, I strongly suggest you let Rupor kill you.  Orrons will do the same if you try to warn her.  Are we clear on this matter?"

I nodded.

Then there was nothing to do but wait for Their Highnesses.  The Pauline, bearing Callan, had already been descending and would arrive first.  Nist leveled off just a few feet above the ground and flew toward us.  The airship moved so slowly compared to an aircar, Caudill probably never realized it was going too fast to land!  At the last second, Nist twisted the controls and the Pauline spun sideways.  The stern came around and smacked into Orrons back!

Greatly out massed by the airship, Orrons was knocked ten feet away!  Then Callan dropped my sword into my hand!

Things are looking up for our hero, but how can he hope to defeat Orrons and the powered armor with nothing but a sword?  Find out in Chapter 33, coming Friday!