Monday, December 16, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 31

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Orrons towers over our hero, ready to crush the life from him!

Orrons placed his foot on my chest and that weight alone was enough to cause shooting pain from my bruised and broken ribs.

"I'm going to take my time killing you," he said.  "It'll be like squeezing that woman's head.  The pressure and pain will build until your bones crack and your organs pop!"

"You are one sick and twisted boy, Orrons."  I looked at Caudill.  "You must be so proud, Caudill!"

"Indeed I am," Caudill smirked.  "Orrons is loyal and never questions orders.  In some ways, he's the son I never had."

"Like any woman would ever have you!" I said through gritted teeth.

Caudill's smirk dropped away and his eyes flashed.  In a flat tone, he said, "You'd be surprised just how many women want someone exactly like me, Rice.  But my time is valuable and this game grows tiresome.  I think it's time to finish it -- and you!  Orrons-"

The radio cracked to life and Callan's voice burst forth.  "Spare David's life and I'll give you what you're asking for!"

Caudill gave me an appraising look.  "David?  Not Captain Rice?  That is interesting!  Princess Callan, would you care to elaborate on your true relationship with the nearly deceased?"

Silence stretched for several seconds.

 "No?  Let me guess.  Trapped in a political marriage, the young princess has found true love in the arms of the dashing Captain Rice."  Caudill's smirk returned in full force. 

Once again, Callan held her silence.

"How very romantic.  I wonder if your husband would reward me for killing Rice?"

"He most certainly would not!" Rupor's voice burst from radio.  "Grant me the satisfaction and I'll give you what you're asking for and more!"

Caudill's smirk broadened into a smile of true pleasure.  "By all means, Prince Rupor.  Captain Rice is yours to kill!”

Is this a ruse on Rupor’s part or is this the result of simmering anger and resentment?  Find out in Chapter 32, coming Wednesday!