Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 29

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Our hero goes hand-to-hand against Orrons, the power-suited pirate!

Enraged, Orrons rushed toward me.  I waited until he was almost upon me then dove to the right.  Orrons thundered past but dug in his feet and stopped far more quickly than I liked.

I had hoped to dive toward Caudill and get my hands on him but Caudill proved too canny for that.  He moved constantly, keeping Orrons between us.

Orrons charged again, I dodged again, and Caudill moved again.  It reminded me of my fight with the trog leader in Faroon, back before Callan and I were married.  The difference was Orrons' head was his only vulnerable spot and I'd have to get within his reach to hit him there.  Because the pirates frowned on armed guests, I didn't even have a sword.

"Calm down, Orrons, and take your time," Caudill called.  "The scout can't use his Boost for more than a minute.  Be patient and wait him out!"

It was a good thing Caudill didn't know my extensive history with Boost.  Maybe I could draw Orrons in close by pretending to lose Boost and then sucker punch him.  I needed something harder than my fist if I wanted to have any chance of knocking Orrons out when I hit him.  I found that something the next time I did a dive and roll away from Orrons, landing on a rock twice the size of my fist.  I grabbed it and another rock next to it.

Coming out of the roll, I flung the smaller rock at Orrons' head.  He brought his arm up and the rock clanged off the armor.  Then I staggered and held a hand to my head.  Orrons grinned, tromped up to me, and couldn't resist leaning over to gloat.

I stepped up and smashed the rock into Orrons' head!

Will our hero emerge triumphant over Orrons?  Find out in Chapter 30, coming Friday!