Monday, December 9, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 28

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David’s identity as a Terran Scout has been discovered!

Caudill spun to stare at me, his eyes as warm and human as a snake's eyes.  His gaze flicked to Orrons and Caudill said, "Kill him."

Upon hearing the order, Orrons' face transformed.  The sullen, teenage annoyance displayed when Rupor called Orrons a boy vanished as Orron's lips spread in a feral smile.  His eyes went cold as the flash of irritation faded.  Looking into that face, it was no longer possible to think of Orrons as a normal teenager who had fallen in with the wrong crowd.

"And Orrons," Caudill added in a conversational tone, "we have an audience so make it messy."

Emotion flowed back to Orrons' eyes, but there was no solace to be had there.  Orrons' eyes shone with anticipation!

I only had one possible response to this threat.


Time slowed as my implant poured adrenaline into my body.  Orrons, already slowed by the cumbersome powered armor, moved in extreme slow motion as he lifted his arms to replace the helmet.  If I was going to have any chance in this fight, I had to keep that helmet off of Orrons' head!

I charged Orrons, grabbing the helmet and swinging my feet up to plant them on the chest plate.  Orrons' grip was shifting in anticipation that I would try to pull the helmet from his grip.  I knew the suit's mechanical muscles would make that impossible.  Instead, I shoved the helmet at Orron's face.  The helmet slipped out of Orrons' grip and smashed into his nose.

Helmet in hand, I shoved off the chest plate, flipping to land ten feet from the boy.  Spinning, I flung the helmet as far from the three of us as possible.

Flowing blood and burning rage turned Orrons' face crimson.  With a bellow, he charged!

How can David even hope to stand against the homicidal teenaged titan, much less defeat him?  Find out in Chapter 29, coming Wednesday!