Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 26

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Caudill has agreed to a power-wasting demonstration of the power suit’s capabilities!

The logistics of the power suit demonstration took a while to setup.  I took the radios to Callan and Rupor and explained how they worked.  Then I offered a suggestion.

"I want the two of you to watch from different airships," I said, "preferably ones flying a mile or more apart.  You should also stay as far from the demonstration as possible.  You'll still be in range of Caudill's weapons but he'll have trouble targeting you."

There was no quick and easy way to explain modern targeting systems.  The important thing was those systems tracked and targeted electronic systems not found anywhere on the planet.  Caudill's lasers would have to be aimed manually, making them much less accurate.

They both agreed to my suggestion and I was returned to the ground.  I contacted Caudill by radio.

"Everything is set, Captain Caudill," I radioed.

"Very well, Orrons and I are coming out."

That was unexpected.  I hadn't expected Caudill to step foot outside the spaceship any time soon.  Perhaps-

"Remember my crew holds your three friends," Caudill growled.  "And, of course, Orrons can break you into little pieces.  So don't try anything."

Moments later, Orrons tromped out to join me, Caudill riding on his shoulder.

Caudill proved to be quite the showman, putting Orrons through a range of impressive maneuvers.  And Orrons proved to be the powered-armor artist Caudill said he was.

After ten minutes, Caudill said, "That should suffice.  Do either of you have any questions before the bidding begins?"

"Yes," Callan said, "I'd like to see Orrons' face."


"Martin has told us of mechanical men.  How do we know this isn't some machine that will always do your bidding?"

Caudill pondered then said, "Take off the helmet, Orrons.”

Callan had created a crack in the powered armor!

Can our hero take advantage of the opening provided by his wife?  Find out in Chapter 27, coming Friday!