Monday, November 11, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 16

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David hopes Tristan, when he arrives, can find a way to drug the pirates!

Caudill spoke to the armored figure.  "Orrons, go with the lad.  We wouldn't want happen to him."

He still spoke Terran Basic, so I just kept walking.  At the first clumping footfall from Orrons, I cast an inquiring glance back at Martin.

"That's very...generous...of you, Captain Caudill," he said.

"Professional courtesy," Caudill replied.

Martin switched to Mordanian.  "Carry on, David.  This man will accompany you."

"He looks to be very heavy, sir.  He might break through the deck."

"Your lad is either a tad slow or is planning something," Caudill said.

"Ah, so you do have the translation files I provided up and running," Martin said, his tone neutral.  In Mordanian, Martin added, "You're not to board the airship, David.  Just have Tristan and his supplies brought to you."

The return walk to the clearing went much faster.  Orrons simply picked me up and smashed through the debris.  I hoped both the Tartegian and Mordanian commanders had spyglasses trained on this display of power.

In the clearing and back on my own feet, I looked up at Orrons.  "Hey in there!  Can you understand me?"

Orrons nodded.

"I need to signal that airship."  I pointed to the command vessel for the Mordanian squadron.

Orrons picked up a flaming tree trunk and waved it like I would wave a stick.

A moment later, the command airship was descending.  More importantly, the Pauline stayed aloft.  The last thing I needed was Callan or Megan drawing Orron's attention.

The squadron commander was at the bow when the airship came within easy hailing distance.  He snapped off a parade ground salute.

"What are your orders, Captain Rice?"

The commander, unaware of the deception Martin and I were playing on Caudill, had just revealed my true identity to the pirates!

What will the pirates do now that they know who David is?  Find out in Chapter 17, coming Wednesday!