Friday, November 8, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 15

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The crashed spaceship belongs to the vicious pirate Amaral Caudill!

It had been fifteen years since Martin had crashed.  Had Caudill been notorious back then?  Did Martin have any idea who Caudill was?

Pushing aside that speculation, I turned what I hoped was a pleasant smile on Caudill.  "Captain Bane, please tell Captain Caudill that I'm pleased to meet him."

As Martin relayed my greeting, I looked around the bridge.  The crew all looked the worse for wear after the crash.  Even Caudill was favoring his right arm and had his right leg propped on a stool.

At a break in the conversation, I said, "The crew and the captain look banged up, Captain Bane.  Should we summon our doctor?"

The ship would certainly have a nano-tech med bay, but if I were in Caudill's position I'd save it for true emergencies.  Who knew how long the supply of medical nanites would have to last?

"Is your doctor any good?" Caudill asked.

Martin held out one of his hands, pointing to the scars left after a tammar had slashed the hand.  "He saved my hand.  It's a bit stiff, now, but I've still got it!  Tristan is good by any standard and superb for such a primitive planet."

Caudill turned to one of the crew.  "Have you got a final casualty count?"

"Twenty-six dead, seventeen injured, Capt'n."

"Twenty-six?" Martin was shocked.  I was too, but didn't dare show it.

"One of the inertial dampers was knocked out," Caudill said.  "And, yeah, go get your doctor."

Martin winced in sympathy then turned to me and switched languages.  "Fetch the doctor, David."

Maybe Tristan could find a way to drug most of the pirate crew, otherwise everyone on the planet was in serious trouble!

Can Tristan help our heroes overcome the pirates?  Find out more in Chapter 16, coming Monday!