Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 14

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The same armored figure who took Martin into the ship is dragging David into it as well!

"Hey, let me go!" I cried.  "I can walk on my own."

The armored man kept his grip, pulling me into the spaceship.  I flailed about, trying to act frightened and out of my element.  Under the cover of my flailing, I examined the ship and the members of the crew we passed.

The interior was impeccable.  The captain and crew obviously took good care of the ship.  In the training vids we'd watched at the academy, pirates were slovenly and their ships in such a state of disrepair it was a wonder they worked at all.  If this was a pirate ship, as Martin suspected, it was an atypical one.

The crew, including the man in the armor, did nothing to dispel that notion.  An unskilled or careless crewman wearing powered armor would likely have crushed my arm in his grip.  My arm was held firmly but without hurting me.  I dared to hope that Martin's assessment had been wrong.

I was taken to the bridge where I found Martin deep in conversation with a man I assumed was the captain.  The man had the look of command -- confident and laser focused,  missing little going on around him.  When he turned my way, though, he missed Martin scratching his head right over his implant.

The captain must have had Martin download his translation of local languages into the ship's computer.  Someone in the crew would be listening to a translation of our conversation.  We would have no secrets.

"Welcome aboard, young man," the captain said in Terran Basic.

I shrugged and spoke Mordanian.  "Captain Bane, what did he say?"

"This is Captain Amaral Caudill and he welcomes you aboard," Martin replied.

My blood froze.  I stood mere feet from the most vicious pirate in the Terran Federation!

The worst pirate in the galaxy has crashed into David’s life!  How can our hero hope to overcome them?  Find out more in Chapter 15, coming Friday!