Monday, November 4, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 13

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David is returning to the crashed spaceship to rescue Martin!

Callan looked into my eyes for a few seconds.  At last she said, "Don't get yourself killed, David."

"Have I ever?"

"Don't start now."  She kissed me long and hard.  "That signal you promised -- I suppose we'll know it when we see it?"

"You know me well, dear!"  I unbuckled my sword and handed it to Callan.  "Keep this safe for me.  Rob would come back to haunt me if I lost his sword!

As Callan took the sword, Megan began to hum a haunting melody.  She stopped when everyone turned toward her.

"Sorry."  Megan's face reddened.

"What was that?" Callan asked.

"A theme for the ballad I'm composing about all of this.  The lovers parting."  Megan crossed her arms.  "It's why you brought me!"

"It's beautiful," Callan said, disarming Megan's defensiveness with two words.  "I can't wait to hear the theme you compose when the lovers are reunited."  Callan turned her gaze on me.  "Now you have two women awaiting your return, David.  That is something men dream about, isn't it?"

"In their nightmares," Rupor muttered.

"I'll try not to disappoint my lover or the lyricist!" I proclaimed.

I gave one last look at Callan then turned to leave.

"How will you get into that metal monstrosity?" Rupor asked, interrupting the moment.

I shrugged.  "I'll knock."

Fifteen minutes later, I did just that.  I knew the knock couldn't be heard inside the ship, but a local wouldn't.  I knocked again and called, "Hello?  Is anyone there?"

I was in my third round of knocking and calling when the airlock slid open revealing the same armored figure.  I let my mouth go slack as a massive metal hand dragged me into the spaceship!

What will David find inside the spaceship?  Find out in Chapter 14, coming Wednesday!