Friday, October 4, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 92

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Two Beloren airships lie in wait for our heroes!


David and I stared at the Beloren airships for a moment before he spoke.  "Dear, tell me that you made plans for this possibility."

"More or less."  I motioned for everyone to stay where they were then led David to the edge of the roof.

"Who's in charge here?" I called to the airships.

An older man came to the railing.  "I am in charge.  Who are you?"

"David, would you do the honors?" I asked.

"Gladly."  Raising his voice, David called, "You are speaking to Her Royal Highness Princess Callan of Mordan.  I am David Rice, her husband."

"Ah yes," came the reply, "you're the troublemaker."

"My turn, darling."  Using my royal voice, I said, "If by 'troublemaker' you mean he's the only person in this city man enough to take on the tunnel rats, then you have it right!"

Muttering and spluttering protests rose from both airships before their captain called, "I could take you and your friends prisoner right now, little princess!"

"You could try," I shot back.  "Great One, please bring your warriors onto the roof."

Silence fell when the trogs came to stand behind us.

"As you can see, we have allies.  Indeed, we have many allies."  I swept my arm to encompass the southern and western edges of the city.  "I suggest you turn your spyglass in that direction.  Out beyond the walls you haven't rebuilt since my previous visit."

"Lieutenant?" asked the captain.

"Trogs, sir," came the reply.  "Hundreds of them."

"They'll leave when we leave.  And they'll come in and get us if we don't leave by full sunrise."  I waved our companions toward the Pauline, calling, "We're leaving, now.  Don't do anything stupid."

They didn't.

I wrapped my arms around David. "Now we can go home."

The End

Scout's Oath has come to end, but this isn't the end of the adventures of David and Callan!  Check back Monday morning for Chapter 1 of Scout's Duty!