Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 91

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King Rat is dead, but what of the tunnel rats?


I turned to the tunnel rats gathered around us.  "King Rat is dead.  This life is over.  Get out of the tunnels and give up this stupid life."

One of them still managed to dredge up some attitude.  "What if we don't want to?"

"See those guys over there?"  I waved my arm toward the band of trogs.  "I'll come back with a hundred of them and the only things we'll leave down here are corpses."

The Great One spoke to his men, I assume translating my words.  The trogs all chuffed and leveled their spears at the man who had spoken.

"Any other questions?" I asked.

The belligerent one shook his head, eyes wide.  The tunnel rats backed out of the room.  Most began running as soon as they cleared the door.

"Good threat," the Great One said.  "Say before, say again.  You make good trog."

"Thanks, I guess.  Come on, let's get out of here."

Twenty minutes later, we climbed out of the tunnels.  It took some work to get Martin up the ladder, but we made it without hurting him too badly. 

I squinted into the gray light of dawn, happy to see the sky again.  "Milo, lead the way."

Shortly, we climbed the stairs to the roof where the Pauline -- and medical care for Martin -- waited for us.  Milo reached the rooftop and came to a stop.

"David," he said, "we're not out of this yet."

"Then move so I can come up there and see what you see," I said.

Milo stepped aside, allowing Callan and me to reach the roof.  The Pauline was waiting right where Callan said it would be.  A hundred feet beyond the roof's edge, two Beloren warships floated.  Both ships had all their weapons trained on us!

It's never easy for our heroes!  Find out what happens next in Chapter 92, coming Friday!