Friday, October 25, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 9

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Prince Rupor, formerly betrothed to Princess Callan, commands the Tartegian expedition to the crashed spaceship!

"Awkward!" Megan sang softly.

Ignoring Megan, Callan called, "Hello, Rupor."

"Callan?  What are you doing out here?"

"Same as you, Rupor.  I'm investigating the crashed spaceship."

"I'm surprised your consort let you come to the unsettled lands," Rupor said.  "Isn't he afraid you'll be kidnapped?"

"Point to Rupor," Megan said under her breath.

"With your step mother and half-brother in exile," Callan shot back, "my husband isn't worried about Tartegian kidnapping plots."

"Ouch!  Two points to Callan," Megan added.

"Guard," I said, "take Megan below deck."

Megan's protests interrupted Callan's exchange with Rupor.  By the time Megan was below deck, the airships were within a few yards of each other.

"An interesting pair of companions you've got, Callan," Rupor said.  "I can understand traveling with your consort-"


"-but Bane?" Rupor finished.  "Isn't it ironic that I was deemed unfit to wed you because my relatives had you kidnapped but the kidnapper is deemed a fitting traveling companion for the one he kidnapped."

I changed the subject.  "Why don't we save the verbal sparring for court, Your Highnesses?  People could be injured within the spaceship."

"Thank you for reminding me of my duty, David," Callan said.  "He's right, Rupor.  How are we going to handle this?"

"An approach by a combined party is the only possible solution," Rupor replied.  "Your...husband...should be one of them.  I assume he speaks the language.  I will represent Tarteg."

"Agreed," Callan said.  "But Martin should go, too.  He also speaks the language."

Rupor thought for a moment.  "That's reasonable."

Moments later, the three of us were scrambling over broken trees toward the spaceship.  When the markings on the ship were visible, Martin stiffened.


"We could be in serious trouble," Martin said.  "Those look like pirate markings!”

What — or who — will our heroes find inside the crashed spaceship?  Find out in Chapter 10, coming Monday!