Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 8

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Our heroes aren't the only ones who saw the spaceship come down.  Tartegian warships have come to investigate!

I turned my gaze toward Tarteg, spotting the Tartegian airships easily.

"They outnumber us seven to four," Martin said.  "Seven to five if you count the Pauline, which I don't."

"Why not?" Megan asked.  "This seems like a perfectly fine airship."

"It's a splendid airship but it's not armed," Martin replied.  "If it comes to a fight, Nist will drop David and me on the command ship then take Her Highness and you back to Morda at top speed."

"Because we're women?"

Callan interrupted the argument, "Nist, I want to talk to the Tartegian commander.  Raise a white flag and then slowly fly forward."

Megan glanced at Martin and me, obviously expecting us to voice an objection.  When we didn't, she said, "I don't get it.  If we fight the Tartegians, you'll send us away because we're women and this isn't a warship.  But you're okay with this same non-warship sailing in alone to parlay with those same Tartegians."

"Tarteg is a civilized country and its navy will honor the flag of truce," I said as a Tartegian airship raised a white flag and flew toward us.

"Well, that's a relief," Megan said.  "If a fight starts, I'm sure anyone killed will die a happier death knowing their killers followed all the rules!"

"The rules of war exist to protect the living and to avoid needless loss of life," Callan's voice went icy, "because the rules insure we can talk to each other!"

"I know this situation is outside of your experience," I said, "but you asked to come with us.  Watch in silence or I'll have a guard take you below deck."

Megan's eyes blazed but she kept quiet.

"Ahoy, Mordanian vessel!" a familiar voice called from the Tartegian airship.

The Tartegian commander was Prince Rupor!

How will Prince Rupor respond to his former fiancé and her husband?  Find out in Chapter 9, coming Friday!