Friday, October 18, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 6

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Megan the musician announces she’s going on the rescue mission!

"Whoa there, Megan," I said.  "You are not coming with us!"

"Why not?  I'll stay out of the way."  Megan widened her eyes and pouted, an effect designed to melt the heart of any man who faced it.  It certainly worked on Martin.  If I hadn't married the most beautiful woman on eight planets, it would have worked on me, too.

"We don't need inflight entertainment on a rescue mission," I said.

Megan dropped her wide-eyed pout.  "Afraid I'll find out the princess isn't nearly as sweet and beautiful in real life as she is in Rice's Rescue?"

At my raised eyebrow, Martin said, "It's the Mordanian counterpoint to Rupor's Lament.  But there could be advantages to bringing her along.  Songs will be written about this event.  Who better to write one than someone who was there?"

I sighed.  "Fine.  But if she insults Callan I'm throwing her overboard."

The palace was a swarm of controlled frenzy as pages, guards, and naval officers dashed about.  Callan was at the center of the activity, Milo and Tristan at her side.  She gave me a peck on the lips, one to Martin on his cheek, then turned a welcoming smile on Megan.

"This is Megan, a musician.  Martin thinks she should chronicle this mission in song," I said.  "Megan, this is Her Highness, Princess Callan."

Megan surprised me by dropping into a curtsey.  "Your Highness."

Callan drew Megan up.  "We don't stand on ceremony away from court.  It will be refreshing to have another woman along!  Most of my trips with David are overwhelmingly masculine."

Callan turned back to me.  "Four escort ships are already airborne.  We can leave when you're ready."

Moments later, Nist piloted the Pauline into the air.  The rescue mission was underway!

What will our heroes find when the spaceship’s location is discovered?  Find out in Chapter 7, coming Monday!