Friday, October 11, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 3

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With a spaceship battling its way through the planetary ring, a sudden explosion lights up the night sky!

As the explosion faded away, a red trail blazed to life in the upper atmosphere.  I assumed it was wreckage or asteroid fragments and expected the trail to streak towards the ground.  Instead, the angle of descent lessened and the red trail diminished as the object slowed.  It was under intelligent control!

I got to my feet.  "Someone survived the explosion!  We've got to gather a search and rescue team to find them."

Callan and I watched as the red trail moved through the sky.  "It looks like it's going to come down in the lands between Mordan and Tarteg, David.  You go alert Martin and Tristan and whoever else you want to go with you.  I'll arrange for a naval escort."

With a nod, I ran off to find Milo.  It's not that we needed Milo on the team -- though he'd be welcome if he wanted to come -- but Milo had a knack for knowing where everyone was at any given moment.

"Martin?" Milo asked.  "At this hour you'll find him at the Drum and Fife on Waterford Street."

"For a former raider, Martin is awfully predictable."

"Megan sings there every Thursday," Milo said.  "She's at the Broken Barrel on Tuesdays, so that's where Martin goes every Tuesday."

"Martin has a girlfriend?"

"Three."  Milo grinned.  "The pages are all in awe of him."

I instructed Milo to round up Tristan and Nist, then struck out for the Drum and Fife.  Two guards fell in behind me as I left the palace, something I was still getting used to.  When I opened the tavern door, a sea of angry patrons blocked my way.  Over their heads I could see the object of their rage.

Sword drawn, Martin protected a woman from the mob!

Is the mob angry at Martin or the woman?  And why are they angry?  Find out in Chapter 4, coming Monday!