Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 2

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A spaceship has exited the wormhole and is blasting its way through the asteroids in Aasha's planetary ring!

"My emergency drone must have gotten through!" I said.  "Those flashes are the ship blasting asteroids."

"What is an emergency drone?"

"I never mentioned that to you?"  When Callan shook her head, I continued, "It's a machine that carries a message.  It was launched from my scout ship, flew into the wormhole, and would have headed back to the nearest Scout base."

"How does a machine know the way to the base?"

"It's..."  How could I explain astrogation and autopilots to Callan?  "It's complicated."

"But Martin understands."  Callan waved her hand toward the flashes in the ring.  "And whoever's on that ship understands."  Her next words were so soft I almost didn't hear them.  "But I don't understand."

"That's not your fault!  You just don't have the background for it."

Callan laid her head on my chest and I felt a splash of warm liquid.  Tears?

Cupping her chin, I lifted her head so I could look into her eyes.  Another tear spilled from her eye and rolled down her cheek.

"Hey, why are you crying?"

"With the whole galaxy open to you again, why would you stay on my backward planet?"

I pulled her close and kissed her.  "I'll stay because this is your planet!  I'll stay here because you are here!  It's going to take a lot more than a sleek spaceship to lure me away from my sleek wife!"

Callan gazed into my eyes for a second.  I hope the truth of my words was reflected in them.  With a sigh, she snuggled even closer to me.

"Shouldn't you be rushing off to tell Martin about the spaceship?" she asked.

"Not yet.  We can't do anything until it breaks atmosphere, anyway."

An explosion lit the ring and the flashes stopped.  An asteroid had hit the spaceship!

Has yet another spaceship been destroyed by the wormhole exit?  Find out more in Chapter 3, coming Friday!