Monday, October 7, 2013

Scout's Duty - Chapter 1

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The nights in Morda were just starting to turn cool and fall was fast becoming my favorite season.  Though the purple and gold leaves were beautiful, it was because Callan and I had taken to reclining out on the balcony and gazing at the stars.

And by recline, I meant lie in my arms.  Nothing drives away the night's chill like a beautiful woman sharing her warmth with you!

"Have you figured out which star you came from, David?"

"Not yet."  I pointed to a cluster of stars right above us, well away from the bright planetary ring.  "I'm pretty sure it's one of those stars.  The first thing a scout should do after exiting a wormhole is to take astronomical readings and determine exactly where he is.  I didn't have time for that."

"You were just in a hurry to get down to the ground and rescue me from the trogs."  Callan snuggled in even closer, though I would have sworn that was impossible.

Remembering my frantic efforts to dodge rocks within the planetary ring, I said, "Sure.  Let's go with that."

"Our children, when we have them, will hear my version of the story.  It's much more romantic."

"As you wish, Your Highness!"

We were silent for a few seconds, then Callan pointed toward the planetary ring.  "Look at that, David!"

Strange lights flashed within the ring and trails blazed through the upper atmosphere as asteroids fell from the heavens.

"I've never seen any like that before,"  Callan said.  "It's beautiful!  Do you have any idea what it is?"

A knot of excitement and apprehension formed in my gut.  I had no doubt what we were seeing.

"It's a spaceship blasting its way through the ring!"

The crew of the spaceship expected asteroids upon wormhole exit.  Did David’s emergency drone get through?  Find out more in Chapter 2, coming Wednesday!