Monday, September 30, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 90

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King Rat attacks David from behind!


As I walked away from the craven rat king, I looked at Callan.  A smile began to spread across her lips and the fear in her eyes began to fade.  Then the fear rushed back intoher eyes.  She pointed over my shoulder.


Pushed to the limit by on-again, off-again Boosting, my body was slow and sluggish as I spun around.  I saw Martin, suffering from blood loss and exhaustion, just reacting.  We were both going to be too slow.

To the side, the Great One and his trogs stood still and watched.  By their customs, this fight belonged to me.  They would not interfere.

I saw King Rat step toward me.  The dagger in his hand was already descending.  If I had a split second more, I could dodge the blade.  But I seemed to have used up the last of my spare seconds.

There was a blur of movement between my attacker and me.  King Rat screamed as a knife was thrust into his wrist.  His hand spasmed and the dagger meant for my heart fell to the floor.  Shock flooded King Rat's face and he fell away from the small figure between us.  A knife hilt protruded just below King Rat's rib cage, pointing up into his heart.

"Leave my family alone!" Milo snarled, the sweet kid I knew so well replaced by the kid forced to survive on the city streets..

Callan swept past me and pulled Milo into a tight embrace.  Then I reached out and joined her.

"So, family?" I asked.

"Um, I meant to say friends."  Milo didn't meet my eyes.

Callan snorted.  "No you didn't.  And you are family, Milo!"

Milo looked up, tears glistening in his eyes.  "Really?"

"Yeah, really," I said.  "Now let's go home."

The rat king is dead, but can our heroes just walk away?  Find out in Chapter 91, coming Wednesday!