Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 88

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David has challenge King Rat to a duel!


One of the crossbowmen had quicker reactions than the others.  He grabbed his crossbow and tried to bring it to bear on me.

The Great One charged past me and rammed his spear straight through the man.  Placing his foot on the dying man's chest, he pulled his spear free.  The first two feet of spear were coated in crimson.  Glaring at the remaining crossbowmen, the Great One swung his spear around to menace them.

Eyes wide, the men stopped fumbling for their weapons, raised their hands, and backed away.

"Don't give up, you cowards!"  King Rat waved his sword toward us.  "Attack them!  Defend your king!"

The crossbowmen ignored the order but half a dozen guards drew swords and charged up the stairs toward us.  With a blood-curdling yell, the Great One led his warriors in a charge to meet them.

The trogs outnumbered the guards two to one.  The trogs simply surrounded the guards and closed in.  At my side, Callan paled but watched with resolution.

Seeing me open my mouth to end the slaughter, she said, "These men watched and cheered the slaughter in the tammar pit months ago.  At least the guards had weapons and a choice.  That's more than the tammar's victims had."

She was right and this was her culture.  I kept my expression impassive and spoke only after the screams had stopped.

"Does anyone else wish to die while King Rat watches from a safe distance?"  I waved my hand toward the trogs.  "If you'd rather not face my allies then throw down your weapons.  Any who surrender will be spared."

All around the tammar pit, weapons clattered to the floor.

"Smart move, rats," Martin called.  "Now clear the pit for a duel to the death between David and your king!"

Can David, tired and bleeding from a dozen minor wounds, defeat the well-rested King Rat in single combat?  Find out in Chapter 89, coming Friday!