Monday, September 16, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 84

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David and a badly wounded Martin prepare to do battle with King Rat's men!


Flickering light reflected off the outside wall of a bend in the tunnel.  King Rat's men were almost upon us.  Dropping our torch, I motioned Martin against the inside wall.  Martin ground the torch out under his heel.

In a stage whisper, Martin said, "When the fight is joined, remember to yell 'For Callan and country!'"

There must have been just enough reflected light for him to see my raised eyebrow.  "I thought you were raised on adventure vids, David.  Don't you know that alliterative declarations of love and loyalty increase fighting prowess?"

I couldn't help but laugh. Then, over a dozen of King Rat's men ran around the bend.  As planned, they didn't know we were there until we stepped in the small pool of torchlight.

I grinned and cried, "For Callan and country!"

Beside me, Martin yelled, "For Martin and Mordan!"

So much for my hopes of learning the name of some secret lady love.


The man in the lead tried to stop but was pushed onto Martin's blade.  The sword went straight through the leader and into the chest of the man behind him!

I spun past those two men and decapitated the third man.  The head ricochetted off the wall and into the packed men behind.  Cries of horror rose from them and their charge halted.  I grabbed the shirt of the headless man and, using the body as a shield and a psychological weapon, pressed it into the men before me.  They recoiled in horror.

A quick slash to a sword arm and a sword clattered to the floor.  A thrust to the leg and a man collapsed against his fellows, unable to stand.  Then Martin was back at my side and our blades flashed too fast for King Rat's men to parry.

We had them!  The men at the back began edging away, ready to flee before our onslaught!  That's when I saw it -- more light reflecting off walls.

King Rat had sent reinforcements!

Is this the end for our heroes?  Find out in Chapter 85, coming Wednesday!