Friday, September 13, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 83

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Callan is on her way with reinforcements, but do David and Martin have time to wait?


I moved to block the door through which King Rat's men would attack.  "Keep an eye on the hole, Martin.  I don't think anyone will try to climb up the cage bars like I did, but you never know."

Martin came to stand next to me.  "Stand aside, Wonder Boy.  I'll take door duty first."

"Don't be stupid, Martin!  You've lost a lot of blood and only have one good hand.  Why do you think you should be the one defending the door?"

Martin's lips twitched up in a tight smile.  "Because you have a beautiful wife and a wonderful life waiting for you.  And you've got the royal succession to think about, too.  It's an onerous duty, no doubt, but I'm confident you've been giving the task the attention it deserves."

"Is there anyone in the kingdom who isn't discussing my private life with Callan?"

"Could be.  Maybe in a convent or monastery somewhere.  Everyone else is speculating whether the first child will be a beautiful little princess or a brave little prince."  Martin grinned at me.  "I've got my money on twins!"

I decided it was time to change the subject.  "Okay, so I have something to live for.   Everyone does -- even you!"

"Me?  I'm just a former raider whose passing would hardly be noticed.  Besides, you've done more Boosting than I have today.  Can't have you risking Boost burnout, can we?  Safety first, youngster!"

"Would you say there's safety in surprising your enemy, old man?"

"Maybe.  What do you have in mind?"

"Since you insist on joining the fight, why wait for them here?  If we go to them, we might be able to break through and escape into the tunnels."

Martin nodded and we charged down the tunnel toward the approaching guards!

Our heroes charge toward their opponents, unaware that help is coming.  Will they doom themselves before Callan arrives?  Find out in Chapter 84, coming Monday!