Friday, September 6, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 80

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Callan is on the way but will David and Martin be dead before she can reach them?


The sounds from outside the door to the tammar pit grew louder.  King Rat's people must be about ready to charge into the room and attack us.  In our current state -- Martin wounded and me getting winded swinging a hammer -- we were sure to be captured and or killed if we were still in the pit.

I was making steady progress smashing a hole in the new ceiling with a hammer but steady progress wasn't going to be enough.  With no other choice, I did what had to be done.


With renewed vigor, I attacked the ceiling.  Plaster rained to the floor below.

"Hey, give a guy some warning!" Martin squawked, scurrying out from under the plaster drop zone.

Suddenly, the hammer broke through the plaster!  The hole was far too small to fit through, but it wouldn't be for long.  I smacked the ceiling from below and used the hammer to pull on it from above.  Within seconds a big chunk of ceiling crashed to the floor!

Reaching through the hole, I caught the floor above and pulled myself up into the darkness.

"Bring the torch directly beneath the hole," I called.

Just enough light came through the hole to show the room above the pit had not changed.  Just as I remembered, ropes dangled from half a dozen pulleys.  Grabbing the closest rope, I tied a loop at the end of it and lowered the rope to Martin.  Dropping the torch, he put a foot in the loop and held onto the rope with his good hand.  He nodded and I began reeling him up.

Martin was halfway up, in plain sight, when I heard the door to the tammar pit fly open.

King Rat commanded, "Crossbowmen!  Shoot that man hanging on the rope!"

Can David save Martin from certain death?  Find out in Chapter 81, coming Monday!