Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 79

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High above the city of Beloren, Callan and a band of trog warriors prepare for a raid on the city!


Milo sauntered to the bow of the Pauline.  He was as comfortable on the sloping deck of the airship as he'd been in the palace and in the streets of Faroon.  He was truly an amazing young man who, with the right training, would go far in life.

"What's the problem with His Greatness?" Milo asked.

"It appears the smartest, strongest trog warrior of them all is afraid of heights."

"We've got a solid deck beneath us."  The ship angled down some more and Milo grabbed a nearby stay.  "Mostly beneath us!  What is he scared of?"

I'd grown up around and on airships, but I remembered falling from Martin's airship at the trading post and shuddered.  Without David, I'd have died that day.

I changed the subject.  "Can you see in this darkness?  You're the one who'll be guiding Nist to the drop-off point."

"Oh yeah-  I mean, yes Your Highness!  I scouted out the sewer entrance David took when he rescued you and the building you ran to after coming back up."

"Are you sure you can find it?  And you know you may call me Callan in private!"

"Just practicing for court, Callan.  And I've already found the building.  It's right over there."

Milo pointed into the big dark blob that was Beloren but I nodded as if I could see something.  A couple of minutes later, Nist leveled off the airship.  Seconds later, he settled over a building.  The Great One and a dozen of his best warriors came on deck as the airship slowed.

"Once we're in the tunnels, your warriors can kill anyone who gets in our way," I said, swinging my legs over the railing. "Now let's go get my husband back!"

Will Callan and the trogs find David before King Rat and his guards do?  Find out more in Chapter 80, coming Friday!