Monday, September 2, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 78

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David and Martin struggle to survive in King Rat's tunnels, unaware help is closer than they realize!


I rubbed my arms, feeling the goose bumps.  The air was cold five thousand feet above the ground.  Below us, the moonlight did little to illuminate Beloren.  I couldn't imagine how Nist could see well enough to know when the naval squadron was in position.

"What you see?"  The Great One wouldn't come within five feet of the railing.  Who'd have thought the mighty leader of the trogs was afraid of heights?

"I see a huge light spot where Beloren should be," I said.  "Maybe Nist can tell us what he sees?"

"Of course, Lady Death!"

I couldn't tell if Nist was trying to needle me or subtly remind the Great One who my husband was.  I strove for regal forbearance and waited for Nist to continue.

"The squadron is approaching the city from the north, as planned.  The Beloren patrol ships haven't spotted them yet, but they will within the minute."

I leaned over the rail a bit, trying to see what Nist saw.  Behind me, a soft moan slipped through the Great One's lips.  It was a good thing the rest of his band of warriors were below deck and unable to hear his fear!

I pointed toward a dark blob outside Beloren.  "Is that the naval squadron?"

"Uh, no Lady Death.  That's a herd of cattle.  The squadron is over there."

I looked where Nist was pointing.  It was just more darkness to me.

"I'll take your word for it, Nist."

"The squadron's been spotted and the Beloren patrol ships are moving to intercept!" Nist said.  "It's time for us to descend."

I turned to the Great One.  "You may want to go below to...prepare your warriors."

The Great One nodded and scrambled below.

The Pauline angled down and dove toward the heart of Beloren!

What is Callan's plan?  Find out in Chapter 79, coming Wednesday!