Friday, August 30, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 77

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Our hero is afraid Martin may lose his badly mangled hand!


With the bleeding stopped -- or at least slowed down to a trickle -- there was little more I could do for Martin other than bind his hand against his chest.  Keeping it raised would help with the bleeding and immobilizing it would help with the pain.

Martin watched me work without really seeing what I was doing.  "Lose the hand, huh?

"Probably.  Maybe.  I'm not a doctor, Martin.  I mean, who knows what Tristan could do if he was here?  He might be able to save it."

"If I do lose the hand, I'll be unconscious by the time it's been cut off.  So I need you to promise something, David."

"You want me to give the hand a proper burial?"

"Hm?  Good idea, but no.  Promise me you'll have them give me a nice, shiny hook."


"I thought you watched lots of old adventure vids when you were a kid.  Raider?  Pirate?  Hook?  It's traditional!"

"Tell you what, let's worry about that after we get out of this alive."

"Excellent point, lad!  Got any ideas for doing that?"

"I think so.  Last time I was down here, there was a big opening in the ceiling.  It was used to drop victims to the tammar."  I tied off the last of the bindings holding Martin's arm.  "I'm going to try to knock a hole in King Rat's new ceiling!"

I went through the tools left here for the workmen and selected a hefty hammer.  I climbed one of the bars to the cage, leaned out as far as I could, and started whacking the new plaster.  The angle was awkward and my shoulder and arm were aching within minutes, but I was making fast progress.  Then we heard shouted orders outside the door.

King Rat's reinforcements had arrived!

Can our heroes escape through the ceiling before King Rat's guards come through the door?  Find out in Chapter 78, coming Monday!